Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about DeGore can be found here.

🌐 Where can I visit DeGore's site?

You can visit DeGore's official site at: https://unitedweco.de/degore

⚠️ DeGore has sent an alert saying 'Out of Image Scans!'

If you are on the free tier, this indicates that you have run out of images to be scanned. To resume protection as soon as possible, you should visit DeGore's webpage to purchase DeGore Plus. DeGore plus is a monthly subscription which will get you extra image scans for your server based on the plan you choose. Simply choose a plan that's right for your server's size and you're all set. We have made sure to offer a variety of different plans to cover servers of all sizes, with value in mind. Not sure which plan to choose? We suggest estimating your monthly usage by looking at your server's size and based on how active it is. You're always welcome to contact our speedy support team at any time if you need help deciding! We're always here for you. -- If you already are a DeGore Plus subscriber, this means that you have run out of your monthly subscription's allocated image scans. Simply get in touch with our support team and we'll help you get things sorted in a jiffy.

🔗 What extensions does DeGore Support?

DeGore currently supports the following extensions:

💳 I've purchased DeGore Plus but it has yet to activate on my server!

If after 5 minutes of purchase your subscription is not activated correctly, please create a ticket and we'll get your subscription sorted in no time!

🤝 Where can I join DeGore's Support Server?

You can join by clicking this link.

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